Yport in spring, 152x152 cmCatalogue galerie Felli, Paris June 2017Balder, a portraitNorrö, 50x50cmField and trees, 94x91cmThe river Creuse below Crozant, 91x50cmx2The river at the end of summer, 91x91cmPainting in the Creuse ValleyThe river Creuse, 91x94cmThe 29 trees, 91x122cmHartmut's field, 91x122cmInvitation Musée de la vallee de la CreuseThe little bird and the riverbank, 94x122cmArrival of fall in Saint Jallet, 150x90cmx2Drawings on photographsDrawings on photographsfield and forestRiver, 40x40cmEvening, 41x44cmEvening II, 41x44cmThe red house, 50x50cmThe red house II, 50x50cmEvening III, 41x40cmThe red cottage, 30x30cmOpeningeveningMist, 30x30cmMist, 21x26cmNorrö, 30x30cmAppletree, 30x30cm