Forest 78x102 cmCottages in the sun 19x24 cmTrees in the sun 22x27 cmThe hidden house 22x27 cmLandscape 22x27 cmBirchtrees 22x27 cmOpposite 22x27 cmPinetrees 22x27 cmGreen riverbank 19x24 cmThe island opposite 30x40 cmAt dusk 50x60 cmThe tree 27x35 cmA meadow by the sea 27x35 cmMarshland 22x27 cmA bend in the landscape 27x35 cmHouses on a hill 35x24 cmBushtrees 30x30 cmBushtrees on a meadow 24x35 cmA meadow 22x27 cmSmall landscapeAutumntrees 38x46 cmThe garden at Campagnac 30x38 cmThe hill 30x30 cmMarshland 28x38 cm